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This time... make it personal.

Individuals want life balance.
Work isn’t just a job. It’s an experience.
yolba goes deeper to align workstyles with lifestyles.

Show them where you're headed – not just where you've been.

Going beyond the CV is where life balance, future goals, and career satisfaction meet.

Strategically built teams have chemistry that drives productivity and performance.

Search less.
Experience more.

With yolba, you spend less time searching, teams become stronger, and the experience is longer-term and more profitable. 

Unlock every opportunity.

87% of the workforce is looking for a new opportunity. But 73% of companies can't find the right people.

That's why on yolba, individuals create an anonymous profile and only make that profile public after finding the right match. This means more opportunities for everyone.

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yolba is different to any other
platform I've used. My profile is like looking in a mirror and seeing what's on the inside.

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If you want to build a strong and diverse team with minimal effort then head to yolba!