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Looking to build a team
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You need individuals.  
You need yolba.

Build and scale a supercharged team

Define your ideal individual, refine your search using advanced filters, and create your perfect shortlist in seconds. Chat directly and offer interviews when you’re ready.

Create longer lasting relationships

Individuals prioritise life balance – even over salary. Happy teams are more productive. To give the people what they want, you must understand what they want. yolba helps you do exactly that — quickly and cost-effectively.

Elevate your brand, promote your roles

Companies stuck in the past won’t be motivated to join yolba – and we’re OK with that. Set yourself apart by joining us — we’ll fix the broken recruitment machine and you’ll find the right fit to build your best team.

Find the perfect fit for your unique roles.

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Frequently asked questions

How much will we pay for yolba?

You’ll see on our pricing page that you can choose (or customize) a plan that works best for you. 

Whether you’re a start-up that’s growing slowly (but surely) or a company on-fire wanting to scoop up as many brilliant people as possible: you’re in the right place.

Matches happen faster with less time and effort on yolba

For you, that means: peace of mind, matches that last longer and are more productive, and – best of all – less time sorting through generic CVs. 

You just took a deep relaxing breath imagining that, didn’t you?

What’s the anonymous profile all about?

The profile of the individual is anonymous at first. This enables companies like you to access the passive candidates that most hiring platforms can’t.

Once you find the right individual, request that they reveal their identity. 

It’s that simple.

Will it be easy for us to sign up?

Absolutely! And it can be done in mere minutes! We’ve boiled it down to 3 steps that couldn’t be simpler. 

Step 1: Click here to sign up and find your team’s next superstar.

Step 2: Create your brilliant one-of-a-kind company profile and job adverts.

Step 3: You’re off! Search, match, chat, and show off the best pieces of your company. In no time, you’ll be supercharging your team.

Can we promote a traditional in-office job on yolba – or is this only for flex workstyles?

yolba is for everyone. 

Covid has shown the world that optimizing productivity might mean that your team works in a converted bedroom, an insulated shed beside the garden, or simply at the kitchen table. 

And for other roles, productivity may totally depend on separating home and work. After all, for some the ability to get out of the house and work in the office has oddly taken on this uber-luxurious quality, hasn’t it?

How will yolba work for us?

Design a fantastic-looking profile page for your company. Showcase everything you’ve worked so hard to build – like your culture, perks, and unique workstyles – and, of course, promote available roles. 

Then the really fun part: What if you could find the perfect individual to hire? 

You can! 

Identify all the characteristics that your team would love to see in their next teammate. Our sophisticated database engine will get to work searching those intangible elements that other platforms simply can’t uncover.

Receive real-time alerts when you match with an individual. 

Now’s a good time to point out that individuals can match with your company culture even if the role you’re promoting isn’t the right fit for them at the present moment. This means you’re building a following and accelerating brand recognition.